Adults . . .

Many adults go to great lengths to provide for their families but forget all about themselves. In fact I think a lot of adults tend to work harder at keeping their employer happier than they do themselves!

While we understand it’s important to pay the bills and put food on the table I don’t think anyone has ever lain on their deathbed and said “I wish I had of worked longer hours”! Don’t you deserve a couple hours to yourself each week?

A wise person once said “If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done!”

Anyone wanting to get rid of some stress, improve their health, shed a couple kilos, achieve something for themselves, increase their confidence or just to try something different shouldn’t just WANT to join an exciting martial art like Rhee Taekwondo, you NEED to!

How else are you going to achieve these goals? Go on the same diet you did last year? Make another promise to yourself to go for a walk every morning? Have another go at meditating?

Do something you’ve never done . . .

Again you need to “do something you’ve never done” and that’s where we come in.

We invite you to come and have an absolutely no obligation free trail at any of our classes and see for yourself the benefits you can get from learning to defend yourself. You don’t need fitness, you don’t need coordination, you don’t need athletic ability all you need is to give it an honest go and we’ll help you develop your full potential and improve your quality of life as you start your journey to black belt and beyond.

All classes are self paced as is the grading/ranking system so there’s no pressure to keep up. We don’t do any tournaments so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or competing with someone. In fact the only thing you have to lose is a couple centimeters off the waist.

After work classes are available and you can mix and match any of our times and locations to fit in with your schedule.