High School Children . . .

For many parents there are major concerns about the influences in their teenage child’s life. Who they hang around, who’s inspiring them and what do they get up to when they’re with their peers?

Rhee Taekwondo helps teens and young adults find their own identity. We provide them with a motivating and inspirational atmosphere in which they learn to become leaders instead of followers. They are given the opportunity to think for themselves and develop more Courage, Confidence, Self Respect and Humility which in turn allows them to make educated decisions instead of just “doing what everyone else does”.

All students learn the value and importance of education and get a taste of the satisfaction and happiness derived from helping others and succeeding in life. It also offers children of this age the chance to meet other like minded people that they otherwise wouldn’t meet. This not only helps their social skills it also introduces them to other young people who’re outside of their normal peer group that may have a more positive influence on them.

We have had great success in producing some quality young leaders who have not only learned to overcome their own limitations but are now instrumental in assisting others achieve the same!