Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is a form of martial art a lot like what people perceive Karate to be however Tae Kwon-Do originated in Korea where Karate is from Japan. The words Tae Kwon-Do basically mean Tae (to kick) Kwon (to punch/strike) and Do (art/way/method).

World Master Rhee: This is where we get the name from. Tae kwon-Do is the type of martial art while RHEE is the style. In essence we do Master Rhee’s Way of Kicking and Punching. Master Rhee was the first to ever bring any form of Tae Kwon-Do to Australia in the 60’s an many of the Masters of the other styles of Tae Kwon-Do were originally students of Master Rhee’s before they decided to start their own version of Tae Kwon-Do. Master Rhee still travels to Bundaberg 4 times a year to hold a special Action Day for all students to attend (free of charge) and continue the learning of all the local Instructors to ensure all of our students are getting the most up to date information possible. “Straight from the horses mouth” so to speak.

Anyone wanting to give it a go is welcome to book in for a free lesson or two providing they’re willing and have no serious mental or health concerns. During that time the participant has the opportunity to learn some basic techniques and see if RHEE Tae Kwon-Do is the right martial art for them with no obligation what so ever. At the same time the Instructor will be examining the potential student to make sure they’re suitable to be accepted. In some cases the Instructor may advise a parent to bring a child back in a few months for another free trial if they feel that you wouldn’t be getting value for money at that time. What’s important though is to make sure everyone involved is Happy. The student joining must be happy that this is what they want to do, if under 18 the parent must be happy that this is what they want for their child and of course the Instructor must be happy that as a new student they will follow instruction and not use what’s being taught inappropriately.

We believe RHEE Tae Kwon-Do provides the absolute highest quality instruction in the Bundaberg area. We’ve also worked out the easiest way for families to budget for our schooling by having a monthly tuition fee that doesn’t require you signing a lock in contract and there’s no minimum sign up. You simply pay for the months you intend to attend. And best of all there are no hidden costs. All coloured belt promotions, belts, park/beach training, Action Days and unlimited classes per month are included. You’ll never be required to pay annual registration fees or for any of our multiple events. Simply put: for your money you will be given the BEST value possible.

To allow students to get the best value for money we don’t offer a pay per class system. While we don’t make it cheaper if you only attend one class a week we also don’t make it more expensive if you want to do several. If you’re going on holidays for a couple of weeks the instructor may be willing to offer a concession but generally since there are classes still being run the instructor is still turning up and paying for the hall whether you or your child turns up or not. Instead we recommend anyone who doesn’t think they’ll receive a reasonable amount of value to take the month off to practice at home. Sometimes this may actually be recommended by the Instructor.

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do runs classes all year round. We take off a few weeks to a month off over Christmas but otherwise most other school and public holidays we run a class. There may be times when the hall we use is unavailable or if it’s made clear that the vast majority of the class is not going to attend on that day then the Instructor will inform the class appropriately. If unsure ask the Instructor but generally if we haven’t told you that there’s NOT a class on then there will be.

Yes. We currently have a pee Rhees prep class for 3, 4 and 5yo’s as well as a 18+ adults class. The majority of our classes however are family classes that allow greater convenience for adults, children, seniors and beginners to train side by side as it increases the amount of classes they can attend. Another benefit of this system is enables younger children to begin to learn to defend against an adult attacker, something that can’t be done in kids only classes. By having senior students and beginners in the same class it helps beginners learn by seeing how things should be done and the senior learns leadership, humility and control by helping beginners learn the syllabus. This system helps many families who have more than one child wanting to learn but they’re at different ages or ranks. Parents are able to bring them both to the same class at the same time instead of having to juggle their time management. RHEE Tae Kwon-Do instructors are very experienced at running classes this way.

This varies from individual to individual as it’s not only a case of you get out what you put in it’s also dependant on the reason for joining. Do you want Self Defence? Fitness? Confidence? Or one of the many other benefits? Generally speaking however it should take no longer than an initial 3 months to begin seeing improvements. You’re Instructor will be more than happy to discuss your progress in private if asked.

All Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Instructors have been appointed and permitted to run a class with the approval of Master Rhee himself. This ensures that all Instructors are held accountable and responsible for teaching correctly and safely therefore maintaining a superior standard. All Bundaberg Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Branch Instructors are work with children Blue Card holders and first aid qualified. Anyone wanting a copy of our Risk Management plan is welcome to ask their instructor for one. 

I’m just shopping around at the moment.

Not a problem. We know that we’re the best at what we do and we have nothing to hide. We also believe there is no such thing as a bad Martial Art. In theory they’re all perfect and it’s the human factor that makes a “good” or “bad” one. Therefore you’ve got to find the one that suits you and your family the best. Some questions you may wish to be asking when shopping around are:

  • What are all the costs? Some styles will charge a lower monthly rate but charge extra for promotions, insurances, registrations, uniforms, special events, belts, tournament fees etc. If they charge per class be sure to add up the cost per month on a rough estimate of how many times the student will be attending. It may also be good to ask yourself what it is you want from a martial art and how important it is for you or your family to learn. This might help you make a decision when it comes to budgeting on how much you’re willing to pay for the best Instruction possible.
  • When and where are their classes? Are they convenient for you? Do they run all year round or are they seasonal and take off school and public holidays? Are there multiple times and locations and can all ages and ranks do the same classes or can they limited to only come at certain times? What happens when they’re no longer a “beginner”?
  • Do they offer a free trial? You should be offered at least one no obligation class to try out their style. Should they be willing to accept but you’re still unsure they should offer a second class to give you a better idea.
  • Is the Head Instructor a professional or part time Instructor? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a part time Instructor, Rhee Tae Kwon-Do has many and they’re all great, but what you might have to be careful of is what happens if their boss needs them to stay back late? Or if they get caught up at work half way through a job? What happens if they lose their job? Will they have to move town for work or put up tuition costs? Will they be giving their class their full attention or will their mind be on a big contract coming up? With a professional Instructor at the head of the region you can ensure that there will always be a class on somewhere and that it will be conducted proficiently and regardless of which branch you attend the costs will remain the same. No Instructor should take offence to you asking about their background, what their occupation, their qualifications or how long they’ve been running classes.
  • How do Gradings (promotions to the next belt) work? Are they done locally or do you have to travel? Is having to compete in a tournament one of the requirements for any rank? Are they done on the students’ abilities or are they just “automatic” every 3 months?
  • If you’re a parent and it’s for your child to learn do they let you sit and watch? Or come drop your kids off and come back at the end of class if more convenient? Do they accommodate your needs?

At the free Trial:

  • How do the other students react with the Instructor? The Instructor should be friendly but not a friend with the students. Too casual can be as bad as too strict.
  • Does the Instructor instil discipline? It needn’t look like an Army boot camp but at the same time it shouldn’t be so relaxed as people are doing their own thing without supervision of a senior student. A martial art is dangerous if used incorrectly, much like a kitchen knife. What to look for is; are all the students following the instruction given and are the majority doing the same thing.
  • Is the Instructor educating or ordering? Is the Instructor giving occasional quick explanations when necessary or is it simply monkey see, monkey do? Often too much information can just confuse a beginner but it’s also important students understand from their very first class where and when they can apply the techniques they’re learning to avoid injuries or incorrect use.
  • Does the Instructor give you/your family/the other beginners the time of day by either taking you themselves or assigning you a senior student for an introductory programme? Or do they focus totally on the higher ranks and leave you to try to keep up?
  • Technique and standards. Even if you’ve never done a martial art before yourself you should be able to see if you think the techniques being taught would actually work. If unsure look to see what any senior students are doing to get a better view.
  • Finally go with your gut. If there’s something you feel is not right or you’re simply just not happy then I recommend moving on to find something that makes you feel more at ease. You should never have to “settle”.

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