Action Day – Date to be Announced

All students of all ranks are invited and encouraged to attend to pay respects to our Master Instructor, World Master Rhee.

Held at the Kepnock High School Hall students are recommended to arrive around 4pm for a 4:30pm start. There is no official finishing time however we are generally well and truly done by 6pm.


  1. Please remember to wear your full uniform (no t-shirts) and a BIG smile.
  2. It’s not a lock down event, students are welcome to arrive late and leave early if necessary. The important thing is you made an effort to attend and do your best.
  3. No video cameras or filming thanks.
  4. Shout loud and have fun.
  5. No classes will be held on Tuesday the 12th of June 2018.

For students who haven’t been to one of these before they are a fun and educational afternoon which shouldn’t be missed. Listen out in class for more information on the event and why it’s so beneficial to attend.

We have a great deal of seniors students who are looking great and may get the opportunity to apply for their black belt so we would love it if every single student was able to make it to help cheer them on and witness something special.

The Very Important Parents – V.I.P. – Class

The Very Important Parents fitness and self-defense classes are a monthly class for parents of enrolled students. They’re absolutely free and our way of saying thanks for your continued support.

Classes are currently running on the first Saturday of each month from 3:30pm. The classes run for 30-45 min and are suitable for all fitness levels. We hope to see as many of you as possible there.

Combined Class

The next Combined Class is on Saturday the 19th of June 2018. Those that aren’t yet blue belts are from 1-2 pm, blue belts and above are 2-3 pm. Location is St. Johns Primary School, Bell street.

Upcoming Event

‘More than winning challenges,
we teach kids how to win in life’

Once we begin to build a child’s confidence we are able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity that are the foundations of the martial arts dating back thousands of years.

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