About Camp Black Belt

Once again it’s our pleasure to remind everyone about Rhee Taekwondo Bundaberg and Bargara’s most exciting weekend event of the year! Our annual Rhee Taekwondo Camp!

Previously known as Camp Awesome we now have a new name and focus for this yearly event. Camp Black Belt. At Camp Black Belt we will continue to have the focus on fun though we also will be striving to advance the knowledge and ranks of the participants as much as possible.

For those that are haven’t been to one before or those interested in what’s happening this year here’s the important stuff…

Camp Location: The Mon repos Girls Guides Camp “Elouera” is located at the Mon Repos Beach, approximately 15 min drive from Bundaberg.

Parents/non-members: The camp is for current students only and parents dropping their children off will be required to sign them in and out. We get a bit busy sometimes and we want to make sure all kids are accounted for at all times. Non-members (including parents/siblings/family etc) are welcome to sit and watch the afternoon activities however they will still be required to sign their children in and we cannot allow anyone not a student to participate. We also must not if the child is under the age limit for staying overnight we do not allow for non-member parents or family to stay and be their supervision.

Sleeping Arrangements: There will be a dorm available for the girls to use if they wish however males will be required to bring a tent. I highly recommend sharing a tent with trusted friends as this adds to part of the fun experience of camps. Unless family or adults there is a strict males in male tents and females in female tents policy.

Age restrictions: There are a few options available for students to choose from which will be listed further down the page. For the full camp (2 nights) students must be at least 11 years old unless accompanied by a sibling or parent over the age of 18 who is also a student. For the full day and afternoon options all ages are welcome however we do have recommendations.

Food: There will be meals and snacks provided that will be basic and as nutritious as possible (think BBQ, ham, cheese and salad sandwiches etc). Should anyone require any special dietary needs, they are welcome to bring their own food along and we’ll prepare it. Snacks such as fruit and refreshments like milo, cordial, tea and coffee will also be available, even for students and parents just doing part day on Saturday. We ask that NO ONE bring alcohol or junk food with them (Marshmallows for the bonfire are fine).

What to Bring: Upon confirmation of payment students will be given an itemized check list of what they’ll need to bring depending on the length of their stay. A check list will be provided to students who’ve committed to coming a couple of weeks prior to the camp commencing.

What to expect: There will be an enormous amount opportunity for students to improve in all aspects of their Rhee Taekwondo training including, though not limited to; basics, flexibility/stretching, flying/jumping techniques, grappling/ground defence, weapon defence, Korean terminology and history, sparring and of course a lot of students who attend will be earning promotions over the course of the weekend. This doesn’t include the fun and games like night sparring, spotlight, bonfires, beach training/swimming, board games, t-shirt signing and more!

The options: Please take time to consider the different options and which may be best suited to your needs. Please note that drop off and pick up times will be confirmed closer to the event.

Options and Costs

A. An Awesome Afternoon: Date and Costs to be Announced

Recommended for all students, especially 8 and under or people who want to be a part of the excitement who have busy schedules.

  • A PACKED afternoon of classes including beach games.
  • Afternoon tea and snacks.
  • The possibility of a surprise promotion and the best afternoon of the year!

B. Super Saturday: Date and Costs to be Announced

Recommended for students 11 and over, attendees are guaranteed to sleep well that night.

  • An entire month or more’s worth of knowledge, drills and Rhee Taekwondo activities crammed into one day.
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea.
  • The promise that it’ll be tough, but worth it in the end.

C. Warriors Weekend: Date and Costs to be Announced

Recommended for the serious student, must be at least 11years old and able to clean up after themselves.

  • 2 nights’ accommodation.
  • Access to all activates, including a professional yoga class.
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments provided.
  • One doozy of a weekend to remember!

– Click on the video to get a sneak peek of a previous Camp –

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